I Love Physics - CodesKidsBlitz. Part I

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How do we learn?

Our classes are held in the form of online lessons with a teacher.

What should you expect?

  • “Live” lessons 
  • Groups of 5 to 9 people
  • Problem solving
  • Home tasks
  • Assignments and tests feedback
  • Consolidation tests
  • Final tests
  • Glossary of terms and definitions

Groups are formed by appointment



  • Price: ca$ 199
  • Duration: 11 lessons

CodesKids Blitz - your first step into the world of programming 

Prepare your brain for a code attack! 🤖💻

Hello, young programmer! If you dream of eventually showing off your programming skills, our course is just the thing you need! Its time to begin! 🚀


  • This course is for those who hold the world in their hands, if only because they know how to write code!
  • If you're aged 11 to 17, welcome to our coding carnival - where we crack codes, play tricks with algorithms and make data dance at our parties. Get ready for a blast of laughter and programming adventures!


  • Getting to know each other - we will dive into the world of information, texts, tables and databases. Yes, exactly what will make you a real virtuoso of the digital universe!
  • Algorithms - we will tinker with performers, cycles, conditions, like real virtuosos of sorcery in code.
  • Algorithms and Parameters are our top! Expressions, writing rules, parameter passing, functions and procedures - everything you need to know to master programming like a ninja with his sword!


  • We don't just teach, we inspire! Our teachers are real code gurus, ready to support you even in the most difficult situations. 💪
  • We have robots! Yes, you understood correctly.
  • Our courses are not just theory, they are practice with the friendliest robots in the world.


  • 11 lessons
  • January 18 - March 28
  • Thursday, 4:00 - 5:00pm PST

So, don’t pull the cat by the tail, become a code master with us!


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