I Love Physics - Fundamentals of physics. Part I

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How do we learn?

Our classes are held in the form of online lessons with a teacher.

What should you expect?

  • “Live” lessons 
  • Groups of 5 to 9 people
  • Problem solving
  • Home tasks
  • Assignments and tests feedback
  • Consolidation tests
  • Final tests
  • Glossary of terms and definitions

Groups are formed by appointment



  • Price: ca$ 20/hour
  • Duration: 28 lessons
  • Payment: monthly

The program is intended for those who are just starting to study physics and includes 3 sections:

  1. Introduction to Physics.
  2. Basic information about the structure of matter.
  3. Mechanics I: Interaction of bodies.

This course is a real adventure into the world of physics for those who are just starting out! We will talk about how atoms and molecules are structured, what miracles are hidden inside ordinary substances.

We'll continue the course by studying Mechanics. We will immerse ourselves in the world of movement and interaction of bodies. You will learn how bodies move, why objects fall, and how forces affect movement. Get ready for exciting experiments that will show how the laws of physics work in real life! We will talk about what factors influence the speed and direction of movement, and why the planets revolve around the sun. This course will not only help you understand the world around you, but will also allow you to learn physics in a truly fun way.

This course is a great start to a deep understanding of physics in the future. The main thing is to remember that learning can be fun and interesting!

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